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Case Studies in the Beer Sector

Paperback Engels 2020 9780128177341
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Case Studies in the Beer Sector investigates managerial and marketing dynamics in the beer sector. It explores the relevance of consumer science and its use as a tool for marketing strategies, putting special focus on small craft breweries. The book provides a variety of case studies from several countries to outline the global context within which the beer industry is developing. Real-life examples on how innovation and differentiation strategies affect consumer perceptions of beer are included, along with the relationship among breweries throughout the supply chain. Sections cover business strategy, sustainability, and how breweries are meeting the increasing demand for sustainable production processes.

While this book provides a thorough reference for scholars and practitioners who work in the beer sector, it is also ideal for those studying business, agriculture, food engineering, technology, applied marketing and business strategy.




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<p>Introduction: Global trends in the beer market</p> <p>Part I. Beer market: Factors and trends 1. Industrial beer versus craft beer: Definitions and nuances 2. Understanding the behaviour of beer consumers 3. Craft beers and breweries in the UK: where now, what next? 4. Craft brewery and tourism best-practices across the product lifecycle</p> <p>Part II. Case studies on Consumer Science and Product Innovation and Differentiation 5. From drinking beer to experiencing beer: the British Beer Market and the Castle Rock Brewery Case 6. Sites of consumption and sights of production: brew bars and craft beer in the city 7. Bira 91 - The Spring of Magic 8. The Sleeping Dragon: Investigating the "Chinese Craft Beer Revolution" through the Lens of Generational Cohorts 9. Category convergence and product innovation: the competitive scenario for microbreweries 10. A barnacle-flavored beer? Consumer acceptance of flamboyant tastes in the brewery industry</p> <p>Part III. Case studies on Consumer Science and Business Strategy 11. Beer Farms in Tuscany: a case study 12. Craft and agricultural brewing in the Marche region: Theoretical and empirical implications of global versus local sourcing 13. How the Gastro-communitas Spirit of Craft Breweries Can Anchor and Shape Broader Gastro-tourism Destination Development: 12 Factors for Brewery Driven Gastro-Development 14. The Case of "Birra Korça" – an Albanian Success Story</p> <p>Part IV. Sustainability in the beer sector: Concepts and practices 15. Sustainable brewing practices in Norway: Using local ingredients and traditional brewing techniques 16. Sustainable value: the perspective of microbreweries in peripheral northern areas 17. Craft Beer in the land of the Purity Law – The German beer industry and the purity requirement in the course of time 18. The Social Ethics of Craft Consumption. The Case of Craft Beer in a Regulated Market 19. Integrating Sustainability in the Romanian Beer Industry. Case Study: URSUS Breweries 20. Concepts and practices of sustainable craft beer in Italy: A case study analysis 21. Strategical implications and future developments for the beer sector</p>

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        Case Studies in the Beer Sector